Ava (age 11)

Camp Jump Start is a second home. They help you lose weight and become a better person. It’s not just a weight loss camp, it’s also a health camp. They really care for us and the food is actually good. They teach you life lessons and how not to give up and that’s why I love Camp Jump Start.

–Ava (age 11)

Madi (age 10)

Camp Jump Start changed my life for the better. I was always a happy kid, but not the skinniest or prettiest. It was in fifth grade when I was actually called overweight. In sixth grade, I became depressed about my weight. I did get therapy, but there was even more weight that I gained after that. I went to dietitians, other camps and various diets but nothing really worked. I was 157 pounds and only 4’10” tall In seventh grade, I already had pre-diabetes and bad breathing problems. Then my mom found this camp and I was able to come for four weeks. I lost 10 pounds and learned many things about nutrition which I didn’t know. I beat my old mile time by three minutes and made many friends here that understood me. Camp Jump Start is a place where I feel safe and happy. This camp makes everyone feel that if they try hard enough then they can do anything. Camp Jump Start has changed my life in many ways that I can’t even begin to count.

—Madi (age 10)

Evie (age 13)

Camp Jump Start means a lot to me. At first I was the one who originally wanted to come to Camp Jump Start.  When I got here all I wanted to do was go home. I wanted to go home so bad that I would calculate the number of days and calories we had left. I begged my parents to pick me up, the response was simply “Absolutely not, you can and will finish this”! I’m so glad they push me to excel and be my greatest. Now I love camp! Obviously I miss home but Tom and Jean make camp feel like a second home. I will definitely miss this place. I’m so excited to take the things and lessons I learned here into the real world and teach my family too. I just want to thank you, I lost 14 pounds in one month and I’m pump to continue my weight loss at home. Thank you for changing my life.

–Evie (age 13)

Izzy (age 11)

Camp Jump Start is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been! It helped me a lot. The lessons I learned here will help me for the rest of my years. It helped with anger control and gave me more self-confidence but most of all, I am happier in life.

–Izzy (age 11)

Amelia (age 12)

I have changed so much this summer. I’ve done stuff I would never even think about doing. I’ve lost a total of 27 pounds this summer! I’m so proud of myself and what I have accomplished here. I’m never going back to my old story because I am a new person with a new story. I love who I am now after Camp Jump Start.

–Amelia (age 12)

Anonymous (age 14)

I come from a broken home and I don’t have many friends. First time I came here I was alone. Now I have more friends than I can count, friends that will last me a lifetime. My family is still broken, but it doesn’t make me feel any less of a person now. I feel comfortable with who I am. I like who I am today and that would not have been possible without this camp.  Thank you Camp Jump Start!

–Anonymous (age 14)

Sydney (age 14)

Camp Jump Start his helped me through so much. It helped me find the real me. I’m now more proud of myself and more self-confident than I’ve ever been. This camp is like a second home to me. In fact this place is better than home. It’s heaven. I have improved my health, obesity, my personality and overall my life because of CAMP JUMP START. It would be a shame if any kid were to miss out on this experience. When I first came here I was Emo and very dark, I knew that wasn’t me but I didn’t have the guts to say anything to anyone. I became what others told me to become. I thought I had to be Emo to have friends. It made me very depressed that I couldn’t be my true self in front of anyone. But then I talked to Jean and one day she told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. So I chose to be the true me; the one Jean pointed out. I can’t wait to come back as a counselor so I can witness great miracles in myself and others. There is no way to thank Camp Jump Start enough!

–Sydney (age 14)

Sophia (age 16)

Camp Jump Start has meant a change in my life, a chance to live my life. I came here looking for weight loss and found so much more. Confidence, love and compassion are just a few things that I found. I’m going home and taking everything with me. Everything but 21 pounds! That’s what I lost here and I intend to lose more with what I’ve gained. Camp Jump Start presents an amazing environment where we all feel safe. I’ve made many lifelong friends and people that I look up to here. I shaved seven minutes off my mile time and 3 ½ minutes of my pyramid of success time. It is amazing what I accomplished here. I write this with much love and gratitude for this camp and these people that I’ve met. With the greatest pleasure I can say Camp Jump Start changed my life for the better.

–Sophia (age 16)

Juliana (age 11)

I feel like I have another family at Camp Jump Start. They taught me how to ride a bike and that you have to try new foods even though it looks gross. You might find out you like it! I learned how you can only bring yourself up with positive talk because if you talk negative you get nowhere in life. Everyone needs greatness.

–Juliana (age 11)

Jolie (age 14)

I know that I’m only a teenager and my word doesn’t mean much but “hey got to try”!

The only fail in failure is when you give up trying. So I learned a lot at Camp Jump Start. At first I didn’t know I was going to a wellness camp…just that I was going to camp. I was so nervous and scared even a bit sad. We packed my stuff with everything that was on the list and drove to Camp Jump Start. I was nice and friendly on the first day in hopes to get friends. I found my best friend here. She is amazing and isn’t mean to anyone. I would take her home with me if I could! Anyway while I was here I found new and fun ways to be healthy and the staff became big brothers and sisters and the cabins became home. Not everything was perfect of course. There was still stupid girl drama but all that was easy to avoid. I came here to break my bad habits and to gain true friends and I got so much more. I learned to never give up and always try. I learned people are there for me and that I only have one body. I need to take care of it. Thank you CAMP JUMP START for giving me a correct second chance at life and the option to save me from myself and bad habits. I could never repay you enough. See you next year! I can’t wait to tell you all about my new high school and how you helped me.  Here’s to ninth grade…. I can do this!

–Jolie (age 14)

Elyse (age 10)

Camp Jump Start taught me how to be healthy and to stand up to bullies. I also am grateful for learning the right choices. I met new friends, learned how to ride a bike and to believe in myself. Glad that I learned how to eat right and I’m grateful for everything I have and everything I got here. I know that I will be healthier at home and I will make my brother eat his first vegetable. I’m glad I got a second chance and that people really do care about me. Everyone is different and it doesn’t matter if you’re different because that’s okay. I have learned to stand up for myself and be healthy.

–Elyse (age 10)

Mikaiya (age 16)

Camp Jump Start is critical to me because it helps build confidence. It helps people feel better about themselves. Camp Jump Start helped me realize the horrible path I was headed on and gave me a way to fix it. They teach us that you cannot fail in life if you keep trying.  Keep trying!  No matter what obstacle is in your way—the people at Camp Jump Start believe you can overcome it.  We meet many people from all over the world here and I met some amazing friends. Thank you for saving my life!

–Mikaiya (age 16)

Evan (age 14)

For me Camp Jump Start means a lot. I made many friends and had good times here. I learned that if you are going through a tough time then you will always have someone to come help you. This is a magical place but only if you put your own effort into make it a magical place.

–Evan (age 14)

Emily (age 15)

Camp Jump Start has given me a second chance at life. I was able to learn and grow and become healthier. When I first came I couldn’t run but thanks to Camp Jump Start I can now. I can do anything I want to do now! Camp Jump Start taught me about food that could save my life.  I can now smile and say I’m the best version of me. I also love how Jean and Tom are telling you every day you can do it.  “I know you can do it”, they say. Camp Jump Start is the best place to be and it is more than a camp, it’s our home.

–Emily (age 15)

Bree (age 13)

Camp Jump Start is a place I can go and call home. I can be myself and not be judged. CAMP JUMP START is the best camp ever. I made friends and built confidence in myself. I’m worth something now. I didn’t think I was before but that has all changed because of Camp Jump Start. The first month I lost 23 pounds and I cried. I’ve never been so happy.  I love it here.

–Bree (age 13)

Emily (age 15)

Camp Jump Start means that I was able to get a second chance in life. I was able to write myself a new story where the future looks bright. I also got to grow as a person. I make great friends who help me push myself. Camp Jump Start taught me that in life you are going to struggle but if you just keep pushing you can succeed. Jean taught me that it’s okay not to be perfect and that you only have to be the best you. If you try your best then you will see great results. I’m excited to see what my new story is and it’s all because of the love and support of Camp Jump Start and the people there.

–Emily (age 15)

Brendan (age 11)

Camp Jump Start did a lot of good for me, my body and making the world a better place. We were all together in everything we did. The support was amazing. In four weeks we lost over 1000 pounds. Overweight and obese kids try their hardest to lose weight and they never do. Camp Jump Start makes it real and it happens for them.

–Brendan (age 11)

Abby (age 9)

Camp Jump Start helped get me on the right track of being healthy. I’ve made so many friends that I will never forget. Sometimes I was a little sad without my parents but this was no problem I had Jean. She helped make everything better. Everyone here picked me up when I was down. That’s why I will never forget this camp. Camp Jump Start gave me some “self of steam”.

–Abby (age 9)

Hope (age 14)

Thank you for helping make this camp possible. I’ve learned so much here beyond healthy habits. It is important because this camp completely changed my perspective. I went from someone who always says “I can’t” to someone who never gives up. I’m very thankful I got this opportunity and I hope many more kids will. Camp Jump Start saves lives in so many different ways. I’ve learned to push myself way farther than my comfort zone and have made amazing discoveries! Thank you again!

–Hope (age 14)

Chrystal (age 15)

When I first came to Camp Jump Start, I really only expected to lose weight and learn how to be healthy. Making friends wasn’t a priority. Although I was happy to learn to be healthy, I think I’ve grown so much emotionally with the experiences I’ve had with the friends I did make here. They became such a huge part of my experience, giving me the greatest advice in helping me through my struggles with depression and anxiety. I really don’t want to make this letter sound as generic as any others, but I believe people tend to write similar things as this because it really is true. Everyone of us have life transformations here.  I didn’t believe it at first, but the friends I’ve made it camp have helped me through so much over these past four weeks and everyone else that comes to this camp after me would say the same thing. This camp is about so much more than physical health. Because it helps us so much with emotional healing and support as well. After researching other camps, I can tell that the others just don’t have this sense. Camp Jump Start I believe is the best place for anyone to go because to be honest, in this day and age, everyone could use the knowledge to be healthier in mind, body and soul. So as I leave this camp today, I believe I’m taking with me so much emotional growth and the memories of some of the greatest friends I’ve ever made. Camp Jump Start is truly an astonishing place.

–Chrystal (age 15)