Youth Weight Loss Camps - Camp Jump Start

Youth Weight Loss Camp

Ages 9-18

*Camp Jump Start WIT® is a licensed program. It is evidence-based, peer reviewed and published in medical journals. Long term effects are well documented.

“Disconnect Electronics to Re-connect with People”

This is a place where kids can be kids. We disconnect them from the electronics and give them a chance to run, jump and play like kids were meant to play. We have found that many parents need a safe place to send their children during the summer while they work. They recognize the benefits of the immersion into a healthy lifestyle and they know and trust the people caring for their children. The campers like to be here.  Our programs are designed to help them develop additional skills each summer. For example, first aid and leaders-in-training classes are popular programs and field trips add adventure to our longer and Refresher camps.

4 Week Camps – $5,995

Session 1: June 12 – July 9, 2022

Session 2: July 10, – August 6, 2022

True change takes 21-28 days — to break bad habits and put into place the seeds for new routines. That is why you will not see us offer a weight loss camp for children that is less than a 4 week session.

We, as working parents, understand the value of a dollar. Although we have recognized experts in their field of expertise working and living with your child each day, we choose to remain one of the least expensive camps in the world! We are mission driven instead of business driven. This is important to you because we see your child as a child unlike business camps that see your child as dollars for their shareholders.

In 4 weeks you and your child will receive the education necessary to make the life change and be able to maintain the success at home. We have seen children suffering with complications from obesity have a reversal of their symptoms and begin to regain their health in just one session.

*Results vary from camper to camper.

8 Week Camp – $10,995

Session #3 – June 12 – August 6, 2022

Total immersion into a new routine for a greater length of time increases the chance for long term success. Campers will also lose the most weight in this camp and have time to form healthy habits for life.

In the 4 week program you and your child will receive a true knowledge base of HOW to live a healthy life and in the 8 week program they will expand their skill set and SHOW others how to do it. In order to teach someone — you must know the routine well yourself. This prepares them to teach their family when they arrive home. In the 8 week program we expand on leadership training, menu planning and cooking classes. These campers will take home healthier recipes that are kid/family friendly.

Campers will go on the Panther Prowl over the camp changeover weekend. Each day there is a special excursion. This prevents them from becoming sad that friends are leaving and also keeps them from becoming nervous that new kids are coming. We keep them busy and the transition is easier. Sorry, there are no parent visits on this weekend!

If your child already has severe complications due to obesity, the 8 week program will help them reclaim their health, happiness and hope for a better future. Many children go home to surprise their doctors with a clean bill of health! This is the camp that heals both body and mind — if your child suffers from low self-esteem and self-confidence then this is the camp for them! A family willing to make lifestyle changes in their home will allow these children to go on to live normal lives!

*Results vary from camper to camper.