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Camp Jump Start is a whole health summer camp dedicated to jumpstart kid success. It is the ONLY residential summer weight loss camp run as a nonprofit where our bottom line is not about our personal incomes but rather our campers successful outcomes. It is our people and their mission-driven passion that makes all the difference. Contact us today to learn more.

  • We address and transform the whole health of every camper – physical, emotional and social.
  • Program guided by extensive whole health and nutrition education.
  • Our campers achieve success and results they never thought possible. They see what a difference a summer can make.
  • The summer experience jumpstarts our campers to achieve good health, happiness and hope for a better life with the skills and tools to continue their success at home.

How Does Camp Jump Start Work & Achieve Kid Success

Our Whole Health philosophy is not a “fix” or temporary band-aid. It is designed to address and transform the whole health of every camper in three essential areas:

  • Physical
    • Weight loss
    • Physical fitness – aerobics, strength, endurance and balance
    • Slimmer, trimmer body
  • Emotional
    • Higher self-confidence, self-acceptance and overall belief in having a purpose in life
    • Self-worth
    • Feeling happy, confident and proud
    • Positive outlook and attitude
  • Social
    • Feeling comfortable in a group
    • Social skills development and habits
    • Making new connections and friends for life
    • Leadership and assertive skills

Our 4 & 8 week session lengths are based on science and are needed for youth to achieve success and break the cycle of failing, shortened approaches.

Imagine enjoying a peaceful walk through the majestic hills or catching that catfish you’ve always wanted. Camp Jump Start is a residential weight loss summer camp, not a fat camp, that has as much fun as any other summer camp in the nation. Campers that attend Camp Jump Start typically lose a significant amount of weight under health professional guidance and learn a healthy lifestyle leading to life long habits. To date, all of our campers have been 100% successful at weight loss*. The real difference is the gain in self-esteem and self-confidence. See what a difference a summer can make!

Our weight loss summer camp was developed to encourage healthy and active lifestyle habits such as camping, fitness, nutrition, health education and leadership training. No child weight loss program like it existed. To date, all of our campers have been 100% successful at weight loss*.

Our first year of camp we participated in the Children’s Healthy Body Initiative conducted by the Cooper Institute. We were the only camp in the nation that received an award! We were told that we received perfect scores but we had no outcomes to report since it was our first year in business so the Silver Award was the best we could receive. We now have evidenced-based outcomes published nationally and internationally in peer-reviewed journals–most camps do not practice to this standard. This is only part of the Camp Jump Start difference.

“I went to other camps, but it was Camp Jump Start that gave me hope for a better life and the tools to accomplish it. People truly care about you here and they believe in you until you can believe in yourself.”—Jordan

As a mission model, we care about people, in comparison to business models that care about the dollar. It is important that you recognize every decision for your child at camp is driven by one of these philosophies. As a mission model, Camp Jump Start puts people above profit. We believe when you understand this then the choice of camp is easy for you–we are ready to serve you!

Contact us today and see how we can provide individual attention to meet your needs.

*Weight loss and other health benefits achieved may vary from camper to camper.


“Camp gave me hope for a better life and skills to accomplish it”

“Camp not only changed my life, it saved my life.”

“I achieved the impossible!”