WHAT PARENTS SAY - Camp Jump Start

Sarah simply said, “It was the BEST summer of my life!”

Parent Testimonials

To say I have enjoyed watching my son over the last two years since camp would be an understatement. Owen transformed into a young man! He excels in academics now and makes honor roll every quarter since he has been to camp. We noticed that life improved socially as well for him. His self confidence continues to grow and he amazes me as the captain of his football team. I know without a doubt that Owen would not be the young man he is becoming without Camp Jump Start. It would have been a very different road without you, so thank you for helping us help him reach his true potential.

Owen’s mom

I had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with the “new” Jeff. His confidence level is off the charts. Sending Jeff to Camp Jump Start was the best decision I’ve ever made on his behalf. Thank you, thank you for what you have done for our family. Personally, I feel the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Jeff does a wonderful job taking responsibility….I trust his judgement. He worked hard at camp and it really paid off. He looks wonderful and feels wonderful….He really became a teenager at camp. He was very shy and introverted, but now he is a poised, confident extrovert and he makes his bed! Thank you again for the work you are both doing. I know Jeff will remember you forever, and the golden opportunity he received being at camp.

Jeff's mom

I wanted to start off by saying thank you all so much for changing my son’s life! I can’t believe the physical change, but mostly, his emotional changes. I feel so blessed to have met you and have Drake come to your camp. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Drake's mom

Sarah simply said, “It was the BEST summer of my life!” and gave us huge hugs and kisses. Last summer Sarah spent 21 days in Europe. She said she had a good time. She took over 700 pictures which she never seemed to find time to get developed…..she had bought t-shirts, postcards, souvenirs, all the typical things one saves to remember their adventures. THIS summer she came home with clothing, not purchased but exchanged with her new friends to remember them by, 300 pictures which she took to be developed immediately and an action plan. She has a schedule for the gym, a plan “A” and “B” for handling lunches at school, a caloric and fat driven menu for us at home. The menu doesn’t have the exact food item we are to prepare just a calorie count which allows for personal taste and the flexibility to buy items that are on sale that week at the grocery store. An approach that is success driven and failure proof. We are shocked by the simplicity….Our daughter is really happy and “Camp Jump Start” can take all the credit! Someone once wrote: “Success is where preparation meets opportunity”. This describes your program to a “T”. We will always be grateful God allowed our paths to cross.

Sarah's mom and dad

Thanks for all you do and for having such a great impact on my daughter’s life….I was just so impressed with her level of energy and fitness. I was struggling to keep up with her, which never happened before this summer.

Audrey's mom

Thank you for being such a great help. His doctor could not believe it was him. They are so happy with the results we are looking forward to him being taken off the medications! His blood sugar is doing really great. This is a really big step for him, he has wanted to get off them for so long and it looks like he is in such control that it is going to happen….you have helped him in such a positive way.

Nico's mom

Just listening to Shelby she sounds so much more grown up, confident, and truly interested in living a more healthy lifestyle.

Shelby's mom

Your vision for changing lives is an awesome thing. It has not only changed our daughter’s life and attitude and outlook, but has affected our family in so many ways. Amy likes herself so much more. She has set goals for grades and pursues them with vigor, she knows that nothing is impossible now. She knew she needed to lose weight but with the busyness of life it just wasn’t happening. Taking 8 weeks out of a summer and dedicating it to change is the only way. Amy is truly a happier person.

Amy's dad

We sent to camp an insecure boy who never would leave his room and got back a well adjusted, confident, outgoing young man. He walks taller. He talks to people. He likes himself. He knows he can do what he sets out to do now.

David's mom

I myself have learned a lot mainly to accept that my son is not a baby, to let go and allow him to grow….he came home a different boy, he talks more. He loved the time with you.

Ray's mom

Aaron is so proud of himself and happy being around others. He doesn’t have that hermit attitude anymore. Camp Jump Start has been one of the best things we have ever done for our family. I am so glad I spent the money for this wonderful Jump in his life. It was worth a million! Thanks, you are great.

Aaron's mom

I get quite emotional when I think about it. As you know, it is so awful to see your child suffer and now that he has lost weight, he feels so good about himself and somehow that has opened the floodgates in me. I guess because it seems to be over and somehow my emotions have been released….Camp Jump Start IS the best investment I’ve ever made.

Arthur's mom

I wanted to take a few minutes to extend my thanks to you and Tom. Your efforts to help change the mind-set of young kids is exceptional. There aren’t many who would take the risks and chances you have for others…especially those they don’t even know. I am in awe of your pioneering spirit and determination to make a change. Thank you so much for all that you do, have done and will do in the future. Reyn is doing great! He continues to watch what he’s eating and logs things on a daily basis.

Reyn's mom

I have never seen my daughter smile the way she is now. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Kaytie's dad

Thank you and the rest of your staff for taking such loving care of Evan. She was definitely changed for the better by her experience with you.

Evan's mom

Her attitude is great and she is off all medications….She joined volleyball and is swimming all the time and is eating by the book. She went to enrollment with me at school where everybody knows everybody. You should have seen the reaction, it was great. I mean from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have changed Kassie’s life, my life, our family’s life forever.

Kassie's dad

It’s amazing how much better Sydney and I feel once I actually gave up control! It’s almost as though I feel more in control by giving her the power to make her own decisions.

Sydney's mom

Thank you for helping Lisa find herself among those pounds. Her doctor is very pleased with all her blood reports. Everything is back to normal.

Lisa's mom

Meghan says it is much better than the other weight loss camp. She loves everybody there and has a lot more friends. It is comforting hearing her talk on an upbeat note. Thank you, I am glad I made the decision to send her to you.

Meghan's mom

Amanda is doing great! She is on her cross country team and is playing recreational soccer. She is eating well and continues to make wise choices. I am very pleased.

Amanda's dad

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