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Camp Jump Start is internationally known for our weight loss summer camp and the extraordinary results that have been accomplished by our campers. Camp Jump Start revolutionized the weight loss camp industry and remains a “best practice”.

Pom Dancer – Lexi

Food loving Lexi spends the summer with a professional dance coach who will help her get fit and fabulous in time for pom squad auditions at her high school.

STL Moms: 6 tips to prevent childhood obesity

Fox 2 Now St. Louis | March 30th, 2018

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic as our kids get bigger and bigger; so, how can parents help their children stay healthy.

Registered nurse and founder of Camp Jump Start Jean Huelsing joins us this morning with 6 steps parents can take to help their overweight child:

1) Eat less fast food and start sending a lunch to school.
2) We need to eat fruit again. Now, people only eat 11 pounds of produce per year; historically, people ate 131 pounds of produce per year.
3) Cereal is not dinner; Huelsing explains why eating cereal is so bad for kids.
4) Make your home a safe zone and re-set your kitchen—no junk food in the house!
5) Form a community: Get everyone involved. Families must all do this together!
6) Set limits on screen time; kids must disconnect from electronics to re-connect with people. It’s time for kids to play outside again, meet at the park and go to camp.

March 24th, 2018
Good Day Chicago | Childhood Obesity Epidemic

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