Nick's Story - Camp Jump Start

Nick’s mom was a pediatric endocrinologist where I worked. She heard about our camp
from a nurse whose son attended. This nurse raved about their family’s experience and
tried to persuade this doctor to send her son to camp. The doctor stated that “those camps
do not work!”
As time went on this doctor spoke of the frustrations she had with her own son. She
counseled other families about the prevention and treatment of obesity and stated that
she went home mortified that her own family had a secret. Eventually the doctor was
desperate and sent her son to camp. The hardest part of parenthood is coming to realize
that you cannot “fix” your own child. This is human nature.
Nick was pretty miserable when we first met. Being fat takes the fun out of childhood.
At camp he found hope for a better life. He thrived on the challenges and he also enjoyed
the girls’ attention! He saw the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and was determined to
hang on to this new identity.
His success continued at home because of his internal motivation and the support from
his family. He became interested in sports and was now able to make the team.
It has been 7 years since Nick’s first camp experience. He is a normal sized young man.
He is almost 18 years of age. Now he is a 3 sport player! He is a 3rd time wrestling
varsity starter—he was second city champ and second at regionals and he is a rugby
varsity starter. Their rugby team came in 2nd at State (Illinois) last year. If this was not
enough—he led the football team in sacks last year.
Nick is a success because his family embraced the needed changes and supported him.
It really was Nick that took full responsibility for his life choices. He understands
consequences and chooses wisely more often than not. He also enjoys the lifestyle
Nick’s story can be viewed on our website in his own words.
He and his mom are on video and then there is a follow-up showing him at a reunion
camp. He is willing to do another video, so I will try to get there in the near future.