Living Well Village

“Nice place to remember and camp was my favorite place to be…”

Nonprofit Value

Living Well Foundation–a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization–operates the licensed Camp Jump Start programs.

Our nonprofit is transparent in our business dealings and parents have remarked that we are one of the very few “ethical businesses remaining in the world today”.  Our bottom line is all about the participants.  Simply, we put people above profit!  Our mission is to create healthier children/families through action learning across the life cycle.  Our vision is that no child will have adult disease and no one will die from preventable illness.

Our nonprofit wants to solve this obesity epidemic instead of working to profit from it like many other agencies and businesses. 
Every person associated with our nonprofit is mission-driven!  Our motto has always been “if we do not help them then who will?”

We are a community of people who understand the value of our health.  Everyone struggles with something–weight, chronic illness,
low self-confidence, or just feeling alone with a health concern.  Together, we push each other to work towards improving our situation.

Our nonprofit also understands the value of a dollar.  The actual cost per family to participate has always been higher than what a family actually pays!  Our community of donors and supporters have always assisted in subsidizing the tuition so ALL families were able to participate.  Additional financial assistance for those in need is made available from our fundraising efforts and granted through scholarship funds.  It is expected that those receiving scholarship assistance will make us their charity of choice going forward and pay it forward for others.  Everybody can do something!  It is this connection to Living Well Foundation that will keep the family on track long-term since they remain involved with the organization. 

Health and weight management is a lifelong challenge and surrounding oneself with those like-minded keeps everyone accountable.