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Nonprofit Value

Camp Jump Start is the ONLY nonprofit summer residential Whole health camp and kids weight loss camp in the nation!

This matters to you for a variety of reasons—

A for-profit weight loss camp’s bottom line is to make the most money that the market will bear. Some fat camps will see 750 campers in a summer. How do they even know their names? This also may mean that an older child will be placed with younger children just to fill beds.

Our nonprofit whole health camp chooses to keep enrollment numbers low in order to be able to give individual attention to campers. We will close a cabin group when it reaches capacity so that the campers are placed within their age range. We will see a maximum of 100 kids a session.

In a for-profit camp if a child creates a problem for the camp or has what the camp perceives as bad behavior then that camp will send the child home immediately without a refund. That same camp will take another child on their waiting list and fill that empty bed—the for-profit camp makes double the money in one day!

Our nonprofit is transparent in our business dealings. Our bottom line is all about the campers. Our mission is to create healthier children/families through action learning across the life cycle. Our vision is that no child will have adult disease and no one will die from preventable illness.

Our nonprofit wants to solve this epidemic instead of working to profit from it. Our people are all mission-driven meaning this is not just a job for them.  Our staff is taught “if we do not help this child, then who will?” Our staff work hard to help each individual camper and will not give up on them easily. Although a camper may be sent home, it is always the last resort.

Our nonprofit understands the value of a dollar. The actual cost per camper to attend camp is higher than what a family actually pays! Our community assists in subsidizing the tuition for ALL families. We also fundraise to provide scholarships for those with true financial need.

In a for-profit fat camp your business transaction is over once the child leaves camp. Although that is also true of a nonprofit camp, our staff continues to provide support to the child and family in a multitude of ways–calls, texts, web and mobile app.  It is this community support that helps the child stay successful.

The best business model for a for-profit business is to have a repeat customer base. Some camps boast a 100% return rate! In the weight loss industry, this is not in the best interest of the child.

Our nonprofit camp goal is to give each child/family the skills, tools, and confidence to continue their success and live a healthy lifestyle at home after just one summer with us. We do believe that the two- week maintenance or refresher camp is a great idea to keep kids on target. It is our hope that the camper and family will want to come back to show us their success and be role models to other campers. Our nonprofit camp goal is that the camper will never NEED to come back for a 4 week weight loss camp. We understand though that life may cause unfortunate slips due to divorce, loss or school challenges for example. There is no judgement here. We will help you learn from your mistakes and get back on track again. We are honored that many families consider us the safe place for their child to heal.

For-profit camps pay advisors to lend their name to their business. These people typically never come to camp nor do the experts work with or educate the family.

Our nonprofit organization has proven experts in this field working daily with the camper.  Here we focus on the WHOLE health of a child—physical, emotional and social instead of just weight loss. We are a WHOLE health camp and we teach the WHOLE family!

For-profit camps are open to other ways to make money as well. They will bring in items to sell to campers that may not be in the best interest of the child. Diet foods and fads may make the business camp money at the expense of the child.

Our nonprofit wants to avoid corporate greed. See “Our History” as we show what it took to build our strong foundation. Our Founder helped Wellspring Camps develop their program in 2004 but that kids fitness camp went out-of-business in 2017. Wellspring was THE most expensive teen weight loss camp but as the only nonprofit child weight loss camp in the nation, we kept Camp Jump Start the least expensive. Even as Wellspring closed their doors, greed continued to be a driving force. The Wellspring Camps website is still up directing searches to another camp because that camp purchased the site from Wellspring so more people would be driven to their website.

For-profit camps also are careful to avoid expenses. Some choose not to be accredited by the American Camp Association to avoid the costs associated with meeting the industry high standards and requirements. Some choose to rent camps where the campers are among other groups because it is cheaper for the business. This may put a child at risk for a lot of reasons.

Our nonprofit avoids conflicts of interest as much as possible and voluntarily undergoes third-party review in order to provide the safest camp possible. Our camp wins awards every year and our head staff consistently win recognition throughout the world after intense vetting by outside reviewers and organizations. Once again, we are transparent in our business dealings.

***Our nonprofit has received a fair amount of national and international recognition because of the high standard of care we provide and our long term outcomes. Some for-profit fat camps have received recognition simply because a film crew is located in close proximity to the camp or the camp is located within its immediate audience.