Pricing - Camp Jump Start

Why wait until summer?

Because you need help now, we will provide video education once registered

Youth Camp Pricing (Ages 9-18)

Due to the generosity of our supporters we are proud to offer you the least expensive all-inclusive tuition rate in the country!

If you need more help with reducing tuition than is already offered, please apply for the partial scholarship assistance.  Together, we can find a way to help your child but it will take a team effort!


*Prices may change at any time and a COVID surcharge may be assessed. Lock in price today! Enroll now!


  • Programs are guided by extensive whole health and nutrition education.
  • Our 4 & 8 week session lengths are needed to achieve success and break the cycle of failing, shortened approaches.
  • After camp OPTIONAL Boaster Club membership offers weekly phone text, post-camp mobile-web app and group and individual coaching with additional information, guidance and motivation.
  • The only non-profit healthy lifestyle immersion camp.
  • Not driven by money or profit motive, but to jumpstart the success of every camper.
  • We understand that many families are struggling economically.



  • Please contact your private insurance and speak with your benefits manager to find information regarding weight loss program coverage. Some insurance companies will reimburse a portion of the costs if you call it a PROGRAM instead of a CAMP, but this responsibility is ultimately between you and your insurance company. Camp does not accept or bill insurance.
  • Most FLEX plans will reimburse for weight loss programs when prescribed by a physician.

*Partial Scholarships

Due to limited resources no one should register if they are uncertain if they can afford camp tuition.  Remember:  The $500 deposit is NOT refundable.

DOWNLOAD Application Form

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS based on financial need or verifiable extenuating circumstances DUE BY April 15th of each year. Due to limited resources we do not register anyone that is uncertain if they can afford tuition until after April 15th of each year. If you are registering online then it is assumed you have the resources to pay for camp without relying on scholarship funds.
Only award winners are notified by phone the first week of May for the upcoming season.

Mail application to:
Camp Jump Start
3602 Lions Den Road
Imperial, MO 63052

*Prices may change at any time and a COVID surcharge may be assessed. 
Camp pricing is all inclusive except for transportation from airport, individual requests, personal items, medical needs and prescription medications. For the safety of your child, we do insist on unit dosing of prescription medications through CampMeds.

Call camp if you need assistance with any of these parental responsibilities. We do offer services and honor individual requests as possible for your convenience. For example–Early departure from contract dates will result in a $300 fee prior to release. Camper transport to the airport outside of opening and closing group transport times will be $100 per transport.