Camp Jump Start at Living Well Village - Camp Jump Start

The Whole Health Camp

Camp Jump Start is a fun and healthy camp for kids. We help our campers transform themselves physically, emotionally and socially – bringing them health, happiness and hope for a better life.

Camp Jump Start at Living Well Village

Camp Jump Start was founded in 2003 by registered nurse Jean Huelsing and her family. This camp has revolutionized weight loss camps for kids with health professional designed programs and licensed professionals teaching on-site. The program is holistic, addressing the individual needs of each child. Successful outcomes for these children and families have been well-documented in consumer magazines and scientific articles, and the camp has been recognized by letters of support from institutions such as the National Institutes of Health and Washington University School of Medicine. Camp Jump Start was named a “best practice” by the Cooper Institute and by the National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality. Camp Jump Start is positioned as an expert in the field for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. Yet, Camp Jump Start is so much more than a weight loss camp—it is the original health camp for kids, healing minds, bodies and spirits.

With the success of Camp Jump Start, the Huelsings wanted to expand this life-changing program. They founded the Living Well Foundation to educate ALL people to live life well. This mission is accomplished through programming offered in health camps and wellness programs at what is now known as the Living Well Village — a 250-acre, wooded campground with heated and air conditioned cabins, health center, dining hall, five-acre lake, 100×30-foot pool, and outdoor field including challenge courses. This allows for endless recreational activity-with-a-purpose for all ages. We work to make people of all ages healthy year-round!

  • Schools and universities have come for total immersion in healthy lifestyles and team building activities.
  • Rescue dogs and emergency personnel have come to prepare and practice search and rescue techniques.
  • The hemophilia camp taught young boys to give their own lifesaving infusions.
  • Autistic and physically challenged people have come for respite, socialization and to learn new skills.

Healthy lifestyle immersion camps empower people to take control of their lives. Type 2 diabetics may leave symptom free, asthmatics may have fewer episodes of respiratory distress, hypertensive teens may leave with normal blood pressures and cancer victims may have longer survivorship. We don’t just tell you how to live healthy, we show you and then you practice!

The Living Well Village is a camp that was built on love. The Huelsings sacrificed their own home, cashed in many material possessions and worked several additional jobs to make this camp not just life-changing but life-saving for so many people today. They subsidized every child’s tuition for many years and still to this day no family has ever paid the true cost of camp because of this nonprofit model. This is the camp that has been built on love.  From this love the organization has grown quickly, serving more and more people.  We are likely serving someone you love and invite you to help us make a difference.