Mark Fishbein - Camp Jump Start

Mark Fishbein


To Whom It May Concern:
Pediatric obesity has become an epidemic and as a result, obesity related disorders such as diabetes type II, are becoming more prevalent. In order to counteract this phenomenon, treatment programs have emerged across the country. Unfortunately, most individuals enrolled in those programs do not sustain weight loss. In an effort to improve outcome, Camp Jump Start, a camp for overweight children, has been established in southern Illinois. The camp’s mission is to achieve weight loss through substantive lifestyle changes. The owner/director is a registered nurse with specialized training in the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. I had the privilege of visiting camp and meeting with the campers and staff. Among the beautiful grounds, campers displayed a great morale and were enjoying themselves. Above all, they appeared proud of themselves and their accomplishments. I am not surprised that these children have had successful weight loss, even after camp, and I anticipated that their lives will have been made better by this experience. Therefore, I do not hesitate to refer overweight children to attend Camp Jump Start.
Mark H. Fishbein, M.D.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Southern Illinois University Medical School
Department of Pediatrics