Contact Confirmation - Camp Jump Start

Thank you for your interest in our Virtual Camp Jump Start Training Camp and congratulations! You are
one step closer to a happier, healthier and hopeful future! We will help you create a plan for success.
Changing just a few things in your daily routine will change your life for the better. Choices matter and it
is up to you how far you will go.

This confirms we received your contact information. We will typically reach out to welcome you
within the next 24 -48 hours. At that time, we will collect payment and finalize your registration. Once
registration for the next available Training Camp is received, you will be given your login to the Camp
Jump Start Training Camp mobile web-app so you can begin using it immediately. This helps your entire
family for one low price!

We are excited that you will join us in our next Training Camp. You have already accomplished the
hardest part—making the decision to “just start”. We ask that you commit to this journey for at least
TWO months and you will soon see what a difference it makes.

Wishing you well,
Jean Huelsing RN, BSN, MEd
Founder Camp Jump Start