Will I have fun?
Absolutely! We are a non-competitive kids summer camp where we learn to do things for fun. We laugh a lot but not at each other. ALL of our kids tell us and others that it was the best summer of their life. (Even the kids whose parents made them come to our weight loss training facility!) Kids say they wish they could live at camp forever.
Will Camp Jump Start help me be successful?
Absolutely! We have so many different kinds of people willing to help you in so many ways. Kids come to camp because they want to lose weight, but so many times the problems are not about weight. We help you figure out how to be healthier in all parts of your life. We give you a jumpstart so that you can continue on your own once the vicious cycle is broken. We also help your parents understand how to help. On conference calls, we usually hear about how kids not only like themselves better, but they also like their families more.
Will I make friends?
Absolutely! Most kids that come do not know anyone at camp. The atmosphere is a supportive family environment and we help each other. You will make the best friends of your life here….Really!
Will kids make fun of me?
Bullying is never allowed at our camp. Counselors are very aware of what is going on with campers. Tom and Jean, the founders of Camp Jump Start interact with campers by teaching, coaching and simply playing—they are very aware of what is going on in camp because they both live there. They work with the camper and teach social skills that will aid the camper in life. Parents are involved for continual problems and an action plan is developed to improve behavior. This is meant to be summer fun for overweight children. We will not tolerate bullying!
Where will I sleep?
You will sleep in an air-conditioned dorms/cabins with 8 – 10 different kids directly supervised by camp counselors. This is best since you will make friends more easily. Unlike other camps that house two campers to a room–Camp Jump Start offers the opportunity for campers to make friends with the diverse people in their cabin. You will learn how to get along with a lot of different people and have friends from all over the world.
What kind of bed will I have?
There are bunk beds with built-in ladders (some camps do not have bunk bed ladders!) to the top bunk and side rails so you can’t fall out. You can also request a bottom bunk if you would like.
What if I wet the bed?
You will not be the first camper nor the last camper with this problem. No one needs to know except for a few adults. Just let us know at registration that this is a concern and we will tell you how to deal with it. We will not embarrass you and you will have a great time without worrying about it! It really is no big deal to us. With the help of our health professionals some campers go home never to wet the bed again!
What if I get homesick?
Most of the kids coming to camp have not been away from home for so long. So our staff understands this and knows ways to help kids through the tough times. We have never lost a kid to homesickness so it is doubtful that you will be our first. Most kids that are homesick during the beginning of camp are the very same kids that do not want to leave at the end of camp. We have so many kids activities that you will be very busy at summer camp.
What if I get really sick?
Our nurses have over 75 years of experience combined and there is always a nurse on-call at camp to take care of you when you need it. Unlike other camps where you can only go to the Health Center during sick call, our Health Center is open before meals and snack time if you do not feel well. There is always a nurse on-call throughout the day for true emergencies. There is also a hospital within 6 miles if you should get injured. If you are really sick then we will be speaking to your parents, so they know what is happening and can make decisions with us about a visit to Urgent Care.
What if I need to talk to my family?
The first week of EACH session is considered “black out” week and we do not call home, but families can send you things and you can send mail to them. This policy helps minimize homesickness from our experience. Then the next week you can call home every night if you need to or you can email them. Our philosophy is “fair does not mean that all kids get the same treatment, fair is that all kids get what they need”. We look at each individual situation and decide what is the best decision we can make for the camper. Your parents can always contact us and we will let you know if there are any problems. Camp Jump Start will help you get through.
What if I need my mom?
Jean is a nurse/teacher and she teases about having 5,000 children–only two she gave birth to….Mike and Marcie. But she knows kids very well and is willing to help you with anything. She is just like a mom and will help make you better—no matter what is wrong even if at first it seemed embarrassing. You can even write her a note if it is too hard to talk about. Soon she will make you laugh instead! Your problem is probably one she solved already, so do not worry. And if she needs to talk to YOUR mom, she will call her.
Do I have to wear a swimsuit?
No, but no one will care if you do. By the way, we do not take pictures of you in your swimsuit to use for marketing. We would not want our swimsuit pictures on the internet for before and after camp pictures. We do not do anything to you that we are not willing to do ourselves. We do not like to be embarrassed so we try hard not to let you be embarrassed either.
What if I cannot swim?
You will always have a zip-up life jacket on when we are boating and you cannot go under even if you try! But in order to swim in the deep water at the pool you must pass the swim test. You do not have to take the swim test to play in the shallow water. It is roped off so you cannot accidentally go in deep water. And our lifeguards are excellent!
What if I cannot play sports?
We are a non-competitive summer camp. We play for fun. We learn to play together. Those that know how to play will teach the rest of us. All we ask is that you try your best each day and everybody’s best will be different in different things. We help find what you are good at doing.
What if I cannot ride a bike?
Lots of kids cannot ride a bike. We will help you learn how to ride one. Many of the kids that learned how to ride a bike at summer camp continued to ride when they went home because they liked it so much. And again we will not let it be embarrassing for you.
Will I starve?
Our eating plan is designed so that you should not feel hungry. You can always have extra salad at lunch and dinner. It is true that you may miss fast food if you eat there a lot. But those cravings do go away quickly. We eat normal stuff like spaghetti, pizza, brownies and root beer floats. We have a great cook and you will like most of the food. We do try new things though. Some things you will love and others you may not choose again, but that is what makes life interesting. Besides we are very busy and you do not have a lot of time to think about food.
Is this a boot camp?
Nothing like it except for structure. We do have structure throughout the day. But we are doing FUN things. It does not feel like work! You are not forced to do things either. We ask you to try new things. We try to give you choices so you can do what works for you. We lift people up—we do not put them down like boot camp. We will ask that you just do your BEST every day. You will be surprised at how good you feel after just the first week!
How much weight can I lose?
No one knows for sure….because everyone is different. Under our health care supervision we teach you about your body. You will lose more weight here than at home over the summer. (Unless there is some underlying health condition no one knew about) Our campers in the past have lost between 10-80 pounds in the summer. And we teach you how to continue this at home. Our campers also have lost lots of inches too. But more importantly is the way you will feel after camp. You will see in our testimonials and Graduation Celebration that kids are happy with the weight lost but even happier with their gain in self-confidence.
Will I be successful when I go home?
Unlike most weight loss camps–we do NOT want kids to have to come to “Weight loss camp” again. That is why we have a whole weight management program designed for your continued success at home. You will be informed more on this on Opening Day at camp.

We invite you to come see what a difference a summer can make! There is room for you at Camp Jump Start!