Young Adult Weight Loss & Wellness Camp

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College Camp

Sessions/ lodging designed for those 18 years to 26 years of age or 27 years of age and up

MANY PROGRAMS CLAIM THEY ARE THE BEST, BUT WHERE IS THE PROOF---THE PUBLISHED RESULTS BY THIRD PARTIES?  We have the proof!  If you are investing this large amount of money, don't you want to make the best choice?

  • Date: Sunday, May 15- Friday, May 27th
  • Cost: $3,000.00

Adults lose weight differently than kids and not as quickly. But the total immersion into a healthy lifestyle works for all ages. Camp Jump Start Plus or College Camp is the break in the rat race and allows you time to put into place an action plan that works. Group living will help you develop a strong support system that will last long past camp. Seeing yourself through the eyes of others will help change your own perspective and motivate you to make life saving changes in your life. You are worth taking the time to learn and set goals in the spring and then see what a difference a summer can make as you live the realistic plan.


*Assessment and evaluations included in pricing.

Activities include:

  • Nutrition classes
  • WIT® emotional side of eating program
  • Cooking classes
  • Menu planning
  • Grocery shopping at a local store
  • Stress management
  • Stretching and strength training program for home
  • Aerobics classes
  • Instruction on gym memberships -- learning to use the equipment 




Fun activities to build on self-esteem and self-confidence included as well. Reunions are planned to meet the needs of the participants. Everyone will be anxious to see you and celebrate your accomplishments with you. This keeps you honest with your fellow campers....and yourself!

*Camp Jump Start WIT® is a licensed program. It is evidence-based, peer reviewed and published in medical journals. Long term effects are well documented.

Camp Jump Start
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